Club Service

Club Service begins with the weekly meetings. For many members, this is their primary involvement with Rotary. This is where they come to find out what's going on in the club; to be informed (and often entertained) by our speakers; to see old acquaintances and make new ones; and to nurture their commitment to Rotary's values and mission. Our job is to make sure that this happens smoothly, in a cordial and welcoming environment.

We also have the enjoyable task of promoting fun and fellowship in the club. A number of events are scheduled throughout the year - progressive dinners, 5th Tuesday socials, our annual summer get-together, and (for the nautically inclined) the Pen Bay Yachting Rotarians. Of course any gathering of Rotarians, large or small, is an opportunity for merriment.











Director of Club Services  Jim Cloud 
Attendance              Joan Phaup
Historian Jack Sanford
Newsletter Jane Monhart & Joan Phaup
Room Set-Up Jim Cloud
Sergeants-at-Arms Dave Jackson, Tom Peaco,
Kim Graffam
Social Events Don White
Speakers Jim Cloud
Yachting Rotarians Chris Richmond (Camden)