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Rotoract is Rotary's service club for young men and women ages 18-30. Its goals are to serve others, develop a broader understanding of the world, and build a solid foundation for a successful and ethical career. Rotoract's membership totals over 184,000 in more than 8,000 clubs around the world.

Rotoract clubs carry out two service projects each year - one that assists the local community and one that helps a community in another country. These projects are a great way for Rotoract members to get involved in their community, connect with young adults internationally, and improve their leadership and management skills.

Rotoract clubs also focus heavily on professional and leadership development through activities such as:

  • Professional and vocational forums
  • Updates on business-related technology
  • Management and marketing seminars
  • Business and professional ethics conferences
  • Presentations on finance and credit options for start-ups
  • Improving public speaking skills
  • Seminars on strategic planning and consensus building
  • Meeting management, project management and project assessment
  • Obtaining practical advice from sponsoring Rotary clubs on entering the business world and overcoming vocational challenges 


There is currently no Rotoract club established on the MidCoast of Maine. However, Camden Rotary recently sponsored a young woman for a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship at the University of London's graduate school of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Her story and more information about Rotoract can be found in the links at the left.