Rotary Youth Exchange

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Rotary Youth Exchange

There are three levels of Rotary youth exchanges, described below. Each provides an excellent opportunity for students to experience life in another country, challenge their own comfort zones, and sometimes master a new language. They also become cultural ambassadors from their own countries. Each year over 8,000 students from more than 80 countries participate in the program.

Short-term exchanges are for ages 15-19, and can last several days to several weeks. They don't involve attending secondary school. Instead, students can tailor their experience to match their interests. Short term exchange students can stay with a host family, participate in a tour, or attend an international youth camp.

The New Generations exchange is for ages 18-25, and can last three weeks to three months. It is ideal for recent secondary school graduates. As with short-term exchanges, students can stay with a host family, take part in a tour, or attend a camp. They can also participate in specialized internships.

Long-term exchanges are for ages 15-19, and last one year. These involve living with one or more host families and attending a local school.

In recent years, the Camden Rotary Club has helped host inbound exchange students from Brazil, Croatia, France and Germany, and sponsored outbound exchange students to Brazil, France, Peru, Poland, Switzerland and Taiwan. Hearing about their experiences is always interesting, and makes us glad we can help:

"My schedule is full as well as my heart....Picture a stew of all your favorite places, then add in a thousand fountains and some history and you have Poland."

"I was amazed at all the projects they are working on in Africa. Drilling wells for drinking water, prosthetic legs, building schools, you name it."

"The mountains of Switzerland don't even look real...There's this certain aspect, sort of like a haze, that occurs when there's not a cloud in the sky, that makes the mountains seem too good to be true....And the water here! It is the craziest shade of blue/green I have ever seen."

"The day we went up to Machu Picchu was actually Mother's Day, so everyone called their moms from Machu Picchu....I remember thinking to myself, 'I made it'....It seemd the perfect way to...end my exchange. It was just absolutely breathtaking, no words can explain it."

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